Top 5 Eco Friendly Casinos – A Whistle-stop Tour

In modern times, an eco friendly operation is for some a mere aspiration, but for others its genuinely at the core of what they do. Come with us on a journey where we take you on a tour of casinos which are in some cases taking extraordinary measures to ensure that sustainability is built into the very fabric of their businesses. If this journey gets your appetite going for a spin on the slots, you can always stop off at one of these online slot sites en route – although we can’t vouch for their eco friendliness.

the venetian macao casino

The Venetian Macoa

A particularly grand casino, but one that seemingly is taking steps to ensure a minimisation of its eco-footprint.

Efforts being taken by this palatial establishment include the recycling of mattresses in their hotel, ample parking facilities for electric vehicles and efforts to reduce food waste. Bravo!

Sibaya Casino

Naturally this place is one of our favourite casinos with its stunning views of the Indian Ocean, but the thing that really caught our attention is the fact that this place is reported to have a wormery which manages garden and kitchen waste. If the thought of worms munching through the casinos food waste doesn’t either make you want to laugh or puke, there might be something wrong with you! Still we think it’s worth a 4/5 rating.

Our verdict: 4/5

Mandalay Bay

This is one of the biggest casinos in the world, located in the heart of Las Vegas and after a little bit of research, it seems fair to say that this property has ambitious environmental plans.

A little research has shown us that Mandalay Bay has embarked upon one of the largest solar panel projects in the U.S, which has seen MGM Resorts build and launch a 100-megawatt solar array in the desert north of Las Vegas spanning 640 acres and featuring 323,000 panels.

It has been said that the above makes Mandalay Bay the largest self sufficient venue in the hospitality industry, in the world!

Our verdict: 5/5 – More Info:

Caesar’s Entertainment

The mega company known for an array of brands including Caesars Palace have for some time been working alongside Clean the World, a not for profit that has been working to distribute soap to people in around 100 different countries.

A key part of their scheme involves recycling soap bars that have been left by their guests. Through their efforts they have donated 2.3 million bars of soap and in 2010 they won the Environmental Leader Award in recognition for their efforts.

Our verdict: 4/5

Turtle Creek Casino

One of the age old, best known tricks in the casino industry is to keep external windows to a minimum in order to avoid drawing attention to the changing time of day (or night).

The Turtle Creek casino decided to break this rather depressing trend and went all out installing skylights to bring in the natural light. How this has impacted the players we don’t know, but we do know that the effect on their electricity bill was around a 50% reduction in lighting.

Our verdict: 3/5

We hope you’ve enjoyed our little hop around the world visiting five casinos which we feel are worthy of a mention when it comes to their eco efforts, we’ll go on another journey soon to see if further casinos follow suit.